QU Poetry Slam

Sherika Smiley and Jevante Francis open the poetry slam with laughter

Quincy University’s Portraits of a Lady and Brothers of Unity held a poetry slam on April 18, 2015 in MacHugh Theater for the QU community. The event started at 6:30 p.m. A poetry slam is where multiple people partake in the reading of poems, whether close at heart or fun and uplifting, out loud and to a live audience. It is a contest where at the end of the night a winner is announced based on which poem the audience liked the most.  The audience that comes to the poetry slams are very supportive of the contestants.

POL is a student organization that thrives to serve Quincy and the QU community. It is like a sisterhood for young women on campus. POL acts like a support system for those who find it difficult to find that clique on campus. POL also serves the community through service projects.

BOU is an organization on QU’s campus that offers equal opportunity for males. Like POL, BOU provides a support system for its participants. BOU accepts everyone and encourages academic success and spiritual unity. POL and BOU hosted an exciting slam for the QU community.

“Poetry slams give people a unique opportunity to express personal or social concerns that might otherwise be difficult to share with an audience,” said freshman Matthew Sindelar who enjoys going to poetry slams.

As the poetry slam progressed, Sherika Smiley and Jevante Francis (the hosts) kept the atmosphere light and fun even after more serious poems were read. Many students overcame their fear of being on stage and read poems that personally meant a lot to them. The slam gave students the opportunity to share their voice and their pain with the world.

“I needed it. I need to-that’s my outlet so to speak. So for me to be able to have that opportunity to slam I take advantage of it every single chance I get. It’s more an opportunity to me than a burden. I love what I do,” states Sherika Smiley who performed a wonderful display of emotion and power behind the poem she presented.

“Probably my favorite thing about the poetry slam at the time I was there was the variety. I really like how in the beginning they had a song…it really livened things up,” said freshman Gina Gruenbacher. She attended the poetry slam to support one of her friends and she enjoys going to slams.

Lucy Schewe presents an emotional and powerful poem.

QU students were offered a chance to voice their opinions. The slam provides a safe outlet for those who need to get an issue off their chest. The entire atmosphere was supportive and light. The poetry slam offers great opportunities for students and is very enjoyable to watch. At the end, audience members were encouraged to come down and present a poem. The QU poetry slam, hosted by POL and BOU, was a success and will continue to grow and expand.

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