QU Homecoming a Huge Success

Quincy Tailgate

By: David Jacob 

There is always an extra buzz around campus during Homecoming Week.

This year, homecoming weekend started off with a bang.  On Thursday, October 1, 2015, QU’s A field was home to a Hot Air Balloon Festival.  Twelve hot air balloons filled up the Quincy sky.  Quincy University junior Nick Genova said, “This was an unbelievable event.  I have never seen anything like it and it was a nice way to kick off our homecoming week.”  The event had multiple food vendors and a lot of the Quincy community came out to take part.

Immediately following the festival was a pep rally that ended in the crowing of homecoming king and queen.  Students were invited to attend a bonfire as well as receive a free #Hawktober shirt.

On Friday, at QU’s Legend’s Stadium, there was a cookout during the men’s and women’s soccer games.  The Hawks put on a show for the fans as the women won 3-0 and the men won 5-0 respectively.

Then on Saturday was a fun run/walk that commenced at Legends Stadium and took one through memory lane to QU Stadium.

Saturday was also the annual homecoming football game.  Before the game, tailgaters were outside as early as 8 a.m.  Junior Drew Diaz said, “It was awesome.  I saw pretty much the entire campus out there with their families.  It really showed how close the QU family and campus really was.”  There was a tent set up for the alumni to go to and reminisce on the good times.

QU stadium’s parking lot was completely full with students, family and alumni. The smell of smoke off grills filled the air.  The sound of speakers echoed throughout the parking lot.  As well as the sights of students singing and playing cornhole.

Sunday completed homecoming week with a farewell brunch in the private dining room and soccer games at Legend’s Stadium.

Freshman RJ Drury added a comment on his first homecoming weekend, “Everyone told me that it is one of the best weekends of the year.  It did not disappoint and I cannot wait for next year.”

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