Bettencourt Gains Valuable Experience at Herald-Whig

Scottie Bruxvoort

Quincy University senior Carly Bettencourt has made the most of her opportunity to work at the Quincy Herald-Whig. Bettencourt, a Communication student and former women’s basketball player, knows how important connections are in the workplace.
“QU has prepared me for this job by allowing me to be in the Falcon, which helped me prepare to write for news style articles.” Said Bettencourt.
“It also helped me with connections to different employers.”
Bettencourt is also quick to give thanks back to Quincy University.
“I wouldn’t have been able to get this jobs without connections from Quincy.” Said Bettencourt.
Bettencourt is a Sports writer at the Whig and being a former athlete allows Bettencourt to have a better understanding of the sports element of her job.
“In the newsroom I’m in charge of recording all game scores for that night or weekend.” Said Bettencourt.
“I then write a roundup (small story) on the game recorded.”
Bettencourt is also in charge of recording stats, and has even written a story for the Whig’s Sports page as well.
“I have written one legit story for the Whig, which was a soccer game.” Said Bettencourt.
In regard to suggesting working at the Whig to other QU students, Bettencourt is supportive.
“I would suggest this job to other QU students because it really shows you the ins and outs of the newsroom.” Said Bettencourt.
“For students looking to get into journalism or writing this would be the perfect place.”
When talking about future career plans, Bettencourt is appreciative that she will have the work experience at the Whig.
“My experience with the Whig will help me down the road because now I have this to put on my resume.” Said Bettencourt.
“I’m very lucky to be able to have this in my arsenal.

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