Q and A With QU Graduate Student Pasha Yates

By Scott Bruxvoort
What made you consider getting your Master’s degree at QU?
I knew I wanted to teach at the University Level so I needed to get my Masters in order to do so. I also really enjoy school and learning new things, so that’s an added bonus.
Is the work load more difficult than your undergrad?
As most seniors, my workload the last year of undergrad was pretty intensive. That being said, I think my work load for the first semester of grad school is different. Yes, it’s difficult and challenging, but in a completely different way than undergrad was.
How do you stay on top of your work?
Time management is key! Since all of my courses are online, it takes discipline and self-motivation to get my work done. I always make a weekly to-do for my course assignments. I always list them out and include the due dates when they have to be turned in. I also include things to get done for long term projects. For me, this is the best way to keep myself organized and on task. I also think that find a place to get your work done is important. I know that I can’t sit in my room, or even at my house, and still get my work done…I get way to distracted and off task. I have a specific spot at QU where I go to do homework, where I know I can concentrate and get it done.
Do you have a job as well as school, and how does that play into your time management?
Yes, I do have a job. I am a Graduate Assistant in the Office of Advancement at QU. I do have a certain amount of hours I need to work per week, so it absolutely plays a role in my time management. If I know that it is a busy week at work, if we have big events coming up and a lot going on, then I plan ahead and try to get work done ahead of time, or plan specific time during the week to get certain assignments done. Planning ahead is huge.
Would you offer any tips to current undergraduate students that are on the fence about going into grad school?
I actually was on the fence about continuing my education. So, I went to a professor who knew my educational/career goals and talked it out with her. I thought about why I wanted to go to graduate school, what I could accomplish in school, and what my plan would be if I didn’t go on to graduate school. I can honestly say that I made the right decision in continuing my education.

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