Q and A With Devonta Crochrell

By Scott Bruxvoort

What is life like as a student athlete?
Life as a student athlete is very time consuming as a athlete the best thing to do is be organized and disciplined in order to stay on track being a student athlete is a benefit.
Do you find yourself struggling with organization?
Yes, at times when I have practice and homework or studying for a test it can take a tole on my body and all I would like to do is sleep instead doing my class work, but its about taking action for what is important and taking care of my work and rest later.
How do you manage your time effectively?
I keep a planner in my book bag and write down what i have to do and the times I have practice so I know what times that i have free and when I am able to do my homework or study.
Do road trips affect how much work you are able to get done?
Yes, depending on if I don’t forget my book or my laptop with work saved on it.
Do you ever think about what life without being an athlete would be like?
Yes because their are days where I wonder how would it be if i was a normal student when i don’t wanna go to practice all i would have to do is just get all my class work finished and have free time to do what ever I want.

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