Q and A with Jevante Francis

By Scott Bruxvoort

Where did you grow up?
I grew up on the island of St. Croix of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.
What influenced you to get a college education?
A plethora of platforms prompted me to achieve a college education. These aspects include the struggle I witnessed as my single mother raised a family with only a trade and the financial, emotional, and physical stress it caused on her and this created a desire to change that reality for them, especially my mother. I wanted to advance my horizons and accomplish dreams. I wanted to set an example for the members of my family and close friends as well since I will be a first generation college graduate in less than 6 months to show them that this platform of success is achievable and a better choice than the negative alternatives of the streets. I wanted to be in a position where i can influence change and help others on a day to day basis. So when it came down to the final decision, it was either the military or college and I chose college.
How did you hear about Quincy University?
I heard about Quincy University from my close friends for 10+ Durant Descartes on his search for aviation schools in the country.
What is your most memorable moment at QU?
My most memorable memory from QU is tough. But I can give you the top three. The top three memorable moments that have graced my presence at QU includes strengthening my relationship with God, helping and building connections with others, and receiving a platform to learn and grow from my mistakes.
Looking back, are you pleased with your decision to attend QU?
Looking back, we all can agree to an extent that there is always things we can change and do better, However, I believe that I was sent here for a purpose and that QU offered a certain element that could not be found anywhere else in the world to prepare me for the next step in my journey. God had a plan for me at QU and I hope and pray that I have completed it and met his standards/requirements to the best of my ability.
What do you plan to do after graduation?

I plan to hit the ground running and grab every opportunity destined for me by the horns and do my very best according to God’s will for my life. My goal after graduation is to continue my education and attend graduate school in New Zealand where I would hopefully obtain my Master’s of Science degree in International Marketing Development. From there, in addition to my PR degree, join a Crisis management firm which specializes in helping large non-profits and major corporations such as the American Red Cross, large airlines, high-profile clients, and even the White House. But before I reach the big leagues I would love to travel the world doing missionary work and helping those that can’t help themselves and become their voices in order to create the channel that would lead the resources straight to those in need. In a general synopsis I just want to do the work of the Lord, whatever that may be or entail.

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