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By: David Jacob

Book costs have long been a problem on college campuses, especially QU. The QU Bookstore announced November 1st it will start a new program that could save students more money than ever before.

High book prices do not have to be an issue any more for students. The QU Bookstore has started a price match program that will ensure that students will now receive the best price for buying books.

Price Match

Students typically shop online for cheaper textbooks on websites such as Amazon and Chegg.  This program will eliminate having to wait for books to be delivered as well as having to pay for shipping costs that would be included.

Students will have the opportunity to show valid proof of a lower price online at the bookstore. Students will still have to pay the originally listed price from the bookstore, and after the purchase is completed, the students will be refunded the difference between the QU price and the lowest listed price.

For example, if a book costs $100 in the bookstore, the student will have to pay that price, but by showing proof of a lower price online, the bookstore will provide a refund of the difference. The refund will begin via store credit which can be used to purchase anything in the store including gift cards, apparel and pre-paid visa cards.

Some students have voiced their opinions on this new program.

“I have two more years here, so I am going to take this to my advantage,” said avid Chegg user and sophomore Keanen Davila. “I understand I have to pay full price for the book(s) I want, but the bookstore giving me back the money to use for pre-paid visa cards will be really helpful.”

“It is really nice now we can go down to the bookstore and show them the price that is better than theirs,” said junior Bobby Keller. “It saves me a lot of money I can put toward other academic aspects or even helping me pay for tuition. I am glad they are doing it.”

Ben Means, manager of the bookstore, wants students to utilize the bookstore more often.

“We offer so much more than just books down here and that is why we want to see more students down here. If a student needs every day school accessories such as planners, folders or notebooks, we have it here,” said Means. “I believe this program is a huge step for us and I hope to see a rise in business.”

Along with every day utensils, the bookstore has drinkware, apparel for all athletics, dormitory decorations, health and beauty items including makeup, and art materials. This is just another program QU is doing to put their students first and looking out for their best interest.

For a full list of items in the bookstore, click here.

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