QU Athletics Save the Day

By: David Jacob

On Saturday, November 21st, the Midwest got its first dose of winter when snow fell.  This would be a major problem for Whelan Security.


Iowa City was blanketed by snow on Saturday, but it did not stop some QU athletic teams from showing up and getting their fundraising done.


Whelan Security is in charge of event services that include the University of Iowa home football games.  With Iowa City, IA receiving more the six inches of snow, many of the schools who help out were not able to make the trip.

Richard White, a supervisor for Whelan, said, “Today has been hectic from the start.  Ron (Whelan’s head supervisor) had to call in because he could not leave his house, four schools have cancelled on us, and we are over 100 workers short for this football game.”

Even though four schools cancelled and over 100 workers could not show up, Quincy University athletic teams were there to save the day.  Teams such as men’s and women’s volleyball, baseball, softball, track and cross country all left C Lot at 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning to make the trip up north.

“We can always count on QU to show up and get the job done, no matter the circumstances,” said White.

Since there was a decrease in workers, some students had to work 2-3 jobs.  Junior baseball player Jeff Jinkerson was one of them.

“In the morning, I had to work Hawkeye Village (a tailgate for fans) and then immediately following I had to go set up traffic stops for after the game,” said Jinkerson.

Men’s Volleyball Volunteer Assistant John Pranger has been a supervisor all year.  He noticed how different this game was to all the others.

“We showed up around 5 a.m. and everyone was in a frenzy.  I knew this day was going to be crazy from the start.  Usually there is a break sometime throughout the day, but there was no time for breaks,” said Pranger.

At the end of the day, there was only one way to describe the faces of the QU athletes that worked: exhaustion.

“We thank you all so much for making the trip.  We know the conditions were terrible, but we were able to get the job done and it makes us look really good,” said White.

QU definitely earned their hard earned money last weekend.  It was just a cherry on top to finish out the 2015 season for the Hawkeyes.  QU went up to seven home games this year and they will be back for more next year.

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