QU Student Makes Cover of Aviation Magazine

By: Amanda Boyer

Calvin Shoop, a Quincy University senior, recently wrote an article published in General Aviation News, which is an online and print publication. It was selected as the cover story.

“I originally wrote it, because I enjoy writing and aviation. The extra pay for writing the article helped out too,” Shoop said.

Shoop wrote the article about a successful pilot named, Dewey Davenport. The two met for a brief period at an air-show where they discussed Davenport’s background and biography as a pilot. The article also explores Davenport’s current successes in life as a pilot and in particular, a barnstormer.

A barnstormer, in this particular instance, is a pilot who flies a bi-plane (a plane with two sets of wings). These planes are for entertainment purposes, which are used to give people rides.

“He’s very interesting,” Shoop said. “But, scheduling a time to interview the subject of my story was probably the hardest part about this. Other than that it was pretty easy.”

He had no idea if his story was going to get approved and accepted or not because this was his first time doing anything like this.

“It was accepted pretty quickly, but it took a long time before it got published,” Shoop said. “It’s exciting to have a story accepted. Not only can it further my aviation career, but it also was a great experience to learn how to interview someone.  I learned a lot about asking the right questions. I think that’s an important skill to have.”

Shoop is glad he submitted his article and encourages other writers to do the same.

“This process wasn’t hard to do. Everyone with an interest in writing should try to publish an article somewhere,” Shoop said. “Figure out an editor’s contact information, and ask them if they ever have guest writers. Write your story, get it approved, and that is all you have to do.”

For Shoop’s full article click HERE.


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