QU alumna publishes first book

By: Amanda Boyer

Meg Duncan, a 2014 Quincy University graduate who majored in journalism, wrote a book called Life on Saturn: A lifetime of grace in unexpected places, that was published on February 18, 2017.

“My book is about my life on Saturn Drive, which is the street I grew up on and now the same house where my husband and I raise our two boys. It’s stories about then and now, and constantly goes back to finding God’s grace over and over again in ordinary life,” Duncan said.

Duncan is currently writing a weekly humor column for the Hannibal Courier Post newspaper and she is a feature writer for The Herald-Whig’s magazine, Q Magazine.

“Writing my first book has been a way to record moments I want to keep and in a way that continually glorifies God. It started as a compilation of short, mostly unrelated, stories from blogs and Facebook posts,” Duncan said. “As I ended up writing an entirely new book about my life here with my parents and big brother, and now as a parent myself.”

Duncan says that QU is also featured in her book. She relates the book to her journalism degree and conquering algebra, playing kickball in health and wellness class and learning biology, all while raising a family.

Duncan’s target audience is Christian moms with young children and she hopes people learn to “firstly, appreciate where you are at in life even if it isn’t exactly what you expected it to be. Second, I hope people can’t only see God’s grand sense of humor but His way of using the most ordinary circumstances and making them extraordinary.”

Duncan says that writing the book was a great accomplishment and she says that it has been a major stepping stone to the career that she hopes to have one day.

“Writing this book has been hard because this book is a raw look at my life and into my heart. I regularly pour my heart into my newspaper column, but putting it all into a book and uploading it to Amazon seemed a lot more risky,” Duncan said. “I was actually a nervous wreck and sick to my stomach for a week afterward, but it’s getting easier now with good reviews coming in.”

Meg Duncan’s next book will be a fiction book that she says is geared toward the same audience and she is excited for readers to be introduced to the characters in her new book which are drawn from a combination of her friends and family. Duncan plans to have that book finished by the fall of 2017.

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