How Would You Save Quincy University?


Lydia Cruz, Senior, Sports Journalism and Communication


“Quincy University needs to establish a clear identity before it can promote itself effectively and increase enrollment. A clear focus/mission statement would help to unify faculty as well as attract potential students and donors.”







Marc Everhart, Graduate Student, Professional Communication


“We need to accommodate the students and listen/addressing their needs. I think all the main problems that the school faces financially will go away if the school focused more on the concerns of the students. Happy students equals higher enrollment.”







Brenda Cosio, 2016 Graduate, Exercise Science


“Invest in people. Students should want to stay, live and thrive on campus. Invest in an environment that focuses on happy students. Fix dorms and classrooms and change some outdated rules that would let students create traditions and that thrive on their own.”







Joe Law, Junior, Strategic Communication

“We need to draw in more students by interest and education to increase our bottom line. More money makes everything look better.”






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