B.S.U (Black Student Union)

By Robert Word

The Black Student Union  informational is being held in Francis Hall room 432 at 8 p.m. on September 12. B.S.U. stands up for students at Quincy University who feel discriminated against because of their ethnicity, gender or other reasons. B.S.U.’s main goal is make sure there is no racial or gender divide at Quincy University. Another goal of B.S.U is to aid the development of Quincy University student’s through cultural, social, and academic focused programming. B.S.U. also wants to raise campus awareness of the issues minorities face.

B.S.U. welcomes all cultures African American, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, male or female. B.S.U. allows anyone to join regardless of differences.

“The reason to join B.S.U. is be around a positive environment of fellow students from different backgrounds and knowledge. It also provides the opportunity to further your cultural awareness and sensitivity. Being an active member will help you improve your leadership and social skills,” Co-Acting President Richard Cunningham said.

All B.S.U meetings are open to the public this semester.

“Anyone can join B.S.U, if you’re down for the cause we’re down to have you as a member,” Co-Acting President Earnest Baker said.

Students who attend the informational meeting will be able to voice their opinions on discrimination at Quincy University in a organized and peaceful manner and they will also have the opportunity to enjoy themselves. B.S.U. hosts events and activities for everyone to enjoy on the road to unity. B.S.U. hosts cookouts, parties, seminars and fundraisers and the members will have the opportunity to be apart of it all. More information about the activities and events will be announced in further detail at the informational meeting.

“I really feel like these are my brothers here at B.S.U they have done a good job making me feel like I belong. I am also excited for with the events and activities B.S.U has coming up because I will have the opportunity to help improve the black community and promote unity while having a great time,” John Betts said.

B.S.U. wants to peacefully remove any discrimination any student might feel at Quincy University and the Quincy community.



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