New Homecoming tradition is born

By Robert Word

Freshman and sophomore girls teamed up to take on the junior and seniors of Quincy University in a flag football game at The Rock, the official stadium of the Quincy University Football team. Players from the Quincy University football team coached both teams and made sure things ran smoothly. Concession stands were open with food and drinks throughout the game for those who wanted that had a opportunity to purchase them. This fun filled game was an opportunity for Quincy students, faculty, and alumni to be social with each other and watch a exciting game.

“The football game was exciting and I thoroughly enjoyed it,” Quincy student Reginald Austin said.

Many students and faculty were in attendance cheering on the female students of Quincy University. The game was close the first half with the score being tied up zero to zero. Even with a low scoring game there were still plenty of highlights to be seen. From interceptions, big hits, sacks, and plenty more things that make any flag football game exciting to watch. The halftime show featured a group of Quincy University’s male students performing a routine as entertainment while the girls were taking a break.

“I thought the halftime show was quite thrilling the choreography was on point I really like how all the participants were really into and they really put on a show it was very enjoyable,” Quincy Student Kevin Fitzgerald said.

The participants of the halftime show were dressed as male cheerleaders in pink crop top shirts with black shorts and pink bandanas.

“We just wanted to make the crowd laugh and we were looking forward to giving the crowd a happy fun filled night and hopefully we did,” Oluwatimilehin Ajayi said.

After halftime the intensity of the game changed dramatically as the girls started to put points on the board. The crowd started to really get into the the game as every score became more important as time trickled down in the game. The game went into overtime with the junior and senior team beating the freshman and sophomore team by a touchdown. There were not any losers as the goal for the powder puff game was to entertain and have fun.

“I really wanted to get involved  with the on campus activities during homecoming week I enjoyed myself all the girls had a lot of team spirit and we all worked together very well,” Angeline Cronin said.

The girls who participated showed a lot of passion and competitiveness all trough out the game. The competitiveness and edge they showed made the game fun and entertaining for the everyone in attendance.

The football game was just a part of the homecoming festivities.




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