Ukrainian Tennis Player finds Success in Quincy

By Robert Word

Danyil Vayser, a Quincy University Men’s tennis player, is number 2 in singles and number 1 in doubles on this years 2017-2018 tennis team. It wasn’t easy for Vayser to get to such a high level of success. Vayser had to work hard and overcome multiple obstacles throughout his life. Vayser started playing tennis at the age of seven in his homeland, Kiev, Ukraine, after trying different kinds of sports such as swimming and martial arts. He had been competing in tournaments all over Europe, however most of Vayser’s matches had unsuccessful outcomes. Danyil struggled because he lacked confidence in his tennis ability. This resulted in loss after loss for Vayser.

“My mental game wasn’t there. I would lose a match mentally before I even stepped on a court,” Kayser said.

At the age of 10, Vayser moved to the United States to work on his tennis skills at a Los Angeles tennis club. Vayser stayed at the club for two months but did not see any results in his tennis game as he continued to lose matches. Later, Vayser caught an interest in fitness and that was a game changer for him. He gained the confidence he lacked and gained 40 pounds of muscle.

“He works pretty hard on the court he has a really good forehand and hits really good serves but I think he really focuses on his off court. His physical conditioning is great he is really toned and musclar and he eats very nutrious food he works really hard,” doubles partner Eric Weller said.

Vayser applied the same rules he learned in fitness to his tennis game. Once he gained his confidence he started winning matches and this made him want to continue tennis for the long term.

After graduating from high school, Vayser decided to move in with his relatives in Chicago. He didn’t know how to speak English and was not used to American customs.

“Moving to the United States was a hard thing to do. I did not know any English yet and had to learn how to communicate and move around unfamiliar territory,” Vayser said.

He started taking speech classes to be able to communicate with people easily and continued playing tennis at the local tennis club. Vayser continued winning his tennis matches in the United States and started getting attention from colleges. Vayser was approached by multiple schools including the University of Illinois, Chicago University, and Elmhurst College, however due to financial reasons was not able to attend those schools.

Even though it was a struggle Danyil decided to not let his circumstances dictate his future. Instead of waiting for a college to find him and offer a tennis scholarship he went looking for the colleges himself. Vayser decided to put his recruitment video on YouTube and was later approached by the head coach of Quincy University’s Tennis team. After watching a few of Vayser’s matches, the head coach offered him a scholarship.

Starting college tennis was another obstacle for Vayser. He struggled his freshman year. He was ranked in the middle of the tennis team and won only half of his matches. Vayser showed improvement after every year of college winning more matches from his freshman to junior year and moving on to higher ranks. Vayser says his goal for this year is to win conference as a team and to win majority of his matches and continue to get better at the sport he loves.




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