Cue You:  Aiden Uuganbayer Reaches for the Sky

By Robert Word

Aiden Uuganbayer is the Men’s basketball team manager and a senior at Quincy University. He will be getting his bachelor’s degree in aviation in the spring and hopes to become a pilot after he finishes next semester.

“I always liked planes. I used to make paper airplanes when I was a kid and dream about flying my own,” Uuganbayer said.

Uuganbayer was born in Mongolia. He lived in Mongolia with his grandparents for the majority of his life. In Mongolia, Uuganbayer struggled to keep his grades at a acceptable level receiving multiple failing grades and getting into a lot of trouble because of what he called his ‘smart mouth’.

His grandparents decided to send him to live with his parents in the states. At the age of 16, Uuganbayer moved to Brooklyn, New York. This move turned out to be very beneficial for Uuganbayer as he was able to prosper in Brooklyn. Uuganbayer attended Lafayette high school. At Lafayette he played basketball and football. He was also able to keep his grades up and stay out of trouble as well. In his senior year at Lafayette, Uuganbayer started looking for colleges that offered aviation courses.

“My love for flying is what made me pick Quincy University I researched aviation programs and I felt that Quincy would give me the best opportunity  in making my dream come true of becoming a pilot,” Uuganbayer said.

When Uuganbayer arrived at Quincy University he was excited to be one step closer to his dream of becoming a pilot, but at the same time, he felt something was missing. Uuganbayer was accustomed to being involved in sports while in Brooklyn, so he decided to get involved in sports  at Quincy and joined the men’s basketball team as a manger along side Quincy University student James Calvin III.

“I have known Uuganbayer for about four years now we meet when we were freshman then a year later we both became managers of the QU basketball team. Managing the team with Uuganbayer has been interesting to say the least, Uuganbayer is a fun guy to be around he keeps things exciting which I enjoy because at times managing the team isn’t all that exciting,” Calvin III said.

Uuganbayer has made the most out of his four years at Quincy University. He has meet some of his best friends and made plenty of memories. But feels he hasn’t even taken off yet and the best is yet to come when he is a pilot.

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