QU Students Get in the Game

By Will Conerly

Quincy University students have an opportunity to support their peers by attending athletic events.

Imagine if students could receive course credit by attending games such as football, basketball, softball, volleyball, baseball and more?

All of this is possible at QU.

The Great Lakes Valley Conference Sports Network allows and encourages interested students to earn class-credit for attending and working games.

Per GLVCSN.com “The GLVC Sports Network is the official streaming network of the Great Lakes Valley Conference – the first NCAA Division II conference to create an inclusive, league-wide network.”

Students who choose to get involved learn first hand.

“It gives me a chance to get behind the mic and gives me a taste of how a game broadcast works,” Shane Hulsey, a sophomore GLVC broadcaster, said. “It shows me how much preparation goes into every broadcast. My best broadcasts are the ones I’ve spent the most time preparing for.”

To get involved students can contact Dylan Shick (shickdy@quincy.edu) or Nora Baldner (schnano@quincy.edu) who teaches COM 347, the GLVCSN class.

The GLVCSN offers a great avenue for students to gain experience in play-by-play broadcasting, serving as an analyst, producing, or filming sports events.

Typically, students will first learn how to operate the production equipment associated with the broadcast. Meaning, students will watch the game and update the scoreboard by hand.

Once a student has a grasp on the production nuances, they can entertain the idea of getting behind the mic.

Many students already attend some of Quincy’s 19 varsity collegiate athletic events, so why not earn credit for attending these games through the GLVC Sports Network?

”The benefits include exposure to what real-life, real-time broadcasting looks like at an elite level,” Shick said.

The experience and opportunities are plentiful because games are streamed year round.

Per GLVCSN.com “Since its inception in 2014, the Conference office has streamed 369 events and all 82 GLVC Championships while a total of 5,255 events across 20 of the league’s 22 sports have been streamed on campus. Heading into the 2018-19 academic year, 5,624 events have been seen by more than 1.3 million views.”

“I am able to practice and work on games all the time,” Jayme Bertish, a freshman communication student, said. “Practice makes perfect, and the GLVCSN allows me to become better at what I plan to do in the future. With all the work I do, I’m able to learn and grow from those experiences,” Bertish said.

Bertish recently worked at the GLVC conference championship running  social media for women’s basketball as a part of the GLVCSN extra credit initiative.

However, you don’t have to be a communication student to get involved.

“It offers a hands on experience that gives the students total control,” Jack Widhalm, who is a marketing major, said. “Allows us to take responsibility and do the whole production ourselves.”

Widhalm was a part of the production team for the GLVCSN for ‘QU Gameday,’ as Quincy was the first school in the GLVC to design and produce a 30-minute pregame show prior to each home football game.

Widhalm also has been behind the mic calling soccer and and football games.

“Familiarizing myself with all of the equipment and all the jobs that come with a production. The GLVCSN requires and teaches teamwork because we all have to work together and communicate well to make the production go well,” Widhalm said.

Currently, all information regarding the GLVC Sports Network can be found through the GLVCSN official Twitter account, @GLVCSN.

Some announce NCAA sanctioned athletics for a living, but the GLVCSN allows anyone to join and help the production.

“It offers real experience in the NCAA athletic environment,” Assistant SID Brendan Saak said. “It’s an opportunity for those who are into sports to get into the media side of athletics.”

Students can also watch any live game broadcast for free. Or, access the games after they have happened on demand at any time.

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