SSC Floods, Work Is Underway To Reopen This Week

By Travis Richmiller

The Student Success Center isn’t scheduled to reopen until October, but with a lot of hard work the university hopes to reopen the flooded SSC this week.

On Aug. 27, 9:30 a.m. Christine Tracy, director of the SSC, had been informed that the drainage system could not handle the large amounts of rain received and the facility had been flooded.

Many students use the SSC every day, and many classes take place there. Major changes were made to accommodate the incident.

Classes were moved to Brenner Library, the Health and Fitness Center and Francis Hall.

Brenda Cosio, a senior and exercise science major, had two of her facilities and event management classes canceled because of the flood.

“It was nice to get out of class,” Cosio said. “But I had a lot of makeup homework to do because of it.”

Staff members were forced to move out of their offices until the issues caused by the flood had been resolved.


Zubaidi in her temporary office, FRH 340, also known as the Communications Lounge

Jannah Zubaidi, a success coach, moved to FRH 340 while the work was being completed. It created a few challenges for Zubaidi but due to the relocation she was able to see other members of the Quincy University community she didn’t normally see.

“I’m not where students are used to finding me, but students are very resourceful and have been able to find my temporary office,” Zubaidi said. “My team of people I see and work with on a daily basis is now more spread out, but we have done a great job at keeping in contact with each other.”

Many students use the SSC for tutoring, getting their homework done, communicating with their success coaches, or hanging out between classes.

Bridget Hunkins, a sophomore biology and chemistry major, is also an admissions ambassador, tutor and front desk attendant at the SSC. The flood definitely changed her entire day.

“The Student Success Center was where I went all throughout the day, and while it was closed it made my days interesting, but Christine Tracey, Dr. Ghosh and the success coaches have worked very hard to provide alternative resources for us,” Hunkins said.

Hunkins was very happy to hear how quickly QU responded to the flood to quickly reopen the SSC.

“I’m over the moon excited about it reopening and having my home back,” Hunkins said.

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