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Students without books for weeks due to new policy

By Alex Crozier Starting this semester Quincy University changed how students receive their textbooks. The cost would be added to tuition and the school bookstore would supply the books for the students. But many students are waiting for books a month into classes. The rollout of the new system didn’t go as planned, which is somewhat to be expected. The

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Taylor Swift Says She Will Re-record Classic Albums Off the Back of Her Newest Release

By Alex Crozier We’ve grown up listening to her music, now those songs might be getting a face-lift. Recently, along with the release of her new album “Lover,” another story is generating just as many headlines. AP reports that a “CBS Sunday Morning” reporter asked Swift if her plan to re-record her songs was to own the new versions, Swift

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Spring is here and the outdoors are waiting

By Shane McAdams Spring is here and the gloomy and dark days of winters past are just that, a thing of the past. However, with all the nice weather headed our way, some students may not know the plethora of parks and other great recreational activities that are hidden just from view of the average QU student. Many students live

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