How to navigate QU’s North Campus

Ariel view of North Campus in 1964

By Jessica Abrego and Chloe Nott

Navigating Quincy University’s North Campus can be confusing and stressful. North Campus is located at the corner of Seminary Road and 18th Street. The layout of the buildings is confusing and there is little signage to help visitors find their way around.

The only maps of campus reside in Francis Hall, and one basic map on QU’s website. These maps show where each building is in relation to the others, but that is as detailed as they are.

Once you make it to North Campus, the seemingly endless hallways and limited signage make finding your way around prone to difficulty.

The following are descriptions and hints to successfully find your way around Quincy University. A virtual tour has also been created as a visual aide and a way to get a glimpse of the facilities at North Campus.

Main Campus

Main campus is where you will find the majority of classes. Most classes and professors are located in Francis Hall, and Main Campus also has all the student resources and living centers. The main campus houses Francis Hall, Friars Hall, on-campus living, Pepsi Arena/ Health and Fitness Center, Brenner Library, Student Success Center, the Caf, campus security, and the bookstore.

Francis Hall

Francis Hall is also where you will find the financial aid office, President Brian McGee’s office, IT, the Registrar, the business office, the commuter lounge, Campus Ministry, MacHugh Theater, and St. Francis Solanus Chapel. Most classes will be in Francis Hall with the exception of nursing, music, communication, math, science, and psychology.

North Campus

North Campus comprises two academic buildings, “A” and “B”, which contain classrooms and practical learning spaces. “A” building consists of classrooms, lecture rooms, science laboratories, North Campus dining, and an auditorium.

“B” building consists of classrooms, the multimedia communication room, the QUTV studio, podcast room, science faculty offices, psychology faculty offices, the music department, and the Connie Niemann Center for Music. 

There is also one section of “B” building that is not used by students. The Franciscian Retreat Center is located behind the Connie Niemann Center for Music and hosts a number of different retreats and courses including Teens Encounter Christ (TEC), Cursillo, and Emmaus.

Room Identification

Student class schedules list the different buildings and rooms on both campuses. Classrooms are identified with FRH, FRI, or NC and a number. 

FRH: signifies that your class will be at Francis Hall located at Main Campus. The first number will determine the floor the class will be held. For example, FH206 would be on the second floor of Francis Hall.

FRI: signifies your class will be in Friars Hall connected to Francis Hall.

NC: signifies your class will be at North Campus about two miles from Main Campus. For example, NCB009 would be North Campus, building B, room 009.  

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