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QU Football Preview: Preparations intensify as first game approaches

By Shane Hulsey Energy. Kinetic, molecular, chemical, whatever kind of energy it was, it was on full display at Quincy University’s football practice this week. Things were moving. Things were fast. Music was blaring. Coaches were running from drill to drill. Players were sprinting, trying to beat them. In live drills, the offense was moving at breakneck speed. Quarterbacks barked

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Pitch perfect: Jay Hammel’s mental side

By Shane Hulsey “Baseball is 90 percent mental, the other half physical.” Out of all his iconic Yogi-isms, the late Yogi Berra probably hit the nail squarest on the head with this one. Baseball is a mentally tiring game, and it can, and will, wear out players more mentally than physically. Every pitcher has a different mental approach, and that’s

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