Cru Gets Closer to God at Fall Getaway

Quincy University’s Campus Crusade for Christ group  just recently returned from a trip at the Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp located in the Ozarks. The trip took place from September 30 until October 2. Four Cru students were able to go on a trip to grow closer as QU Cru leaders, connect with other college students, and grow closer to God.

Many other college campus Cru groups were at the event.Some of the other students in attendance were part of Cru groups at Kansas State, SIU-Edwardsville and John Wood Community College.

There were many activities going on at the bible camp. Once students arrived and signed in, they stayed in cabins. Main speaker, Evan Marbury, gave his testimony and afterward a worship band was playing. The students enjoyed the coffee house that was there, which was filled with many good snacks and games to play. Students also attended bonfires each night of the event.

Students also participated in many other activities while on the trip. Hiking, skipping rocks, frisbee, soccer games, canoeing and hayrides were just a few of the events that took place.

Two students who attended were Reed Bentzinger and Abigail Moore.

Bentzinger has been to the retreat each of the four years he has attended QU. He loves going every year, and believes that everyone should attend Cru Fall Getaway.”It makes me feel energized, on fire in my faith and so much more alive,” Bentzinger stated. “I would highly recommend any college student to attend Cru Fall Getaway.”

Moore is a first time attendee at Cru Fall Getaway. She also had an amazing time and also believes that everyone should attend at some point.

“It was the highlight of my Freshman year so far,” Moore stated, “I highly recommend everyone to go.”

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