SGA Discusses Funds for Inaugural Banquet

By Lauren Beeman

One of the main discussion points at the Student Government Association meeting Jan. 30 was the inauguration of the new SGA administration.

Co-Presidents-Elect Mary Argana and Abigail Moore outlined plans for a “Night of Excellence” banquet where the transition of power will take place. The new SGA administration will be sworn in by QU President Phil Conover.

“It’s really important that you go, it’s your inauguration and it’s a big night. This is our way of letting the school know that this is what we are doing,” Argana said.

The black-tie event is scheduled for Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 6 p.m. at the Connie Niemann Center for Music. The new SGA executive team as well as invited guests, faculty, and staff will receive a dinner catered by Chartwells.

Senate member Josh Del Rosario asked Argana how this would raise SGA’s legitimacy among constituents if the rest of the student body was not invited to the event.

Argana responded by explaining that constituents would see pictures of the event posted online and cited the governing body’s new Instagram account as an outlet of communication.

SGA intends to spend between $800-$1000 on the invitation-only event.

Invitations for the Night of Excellence will be sent out this Friday, February 2nd.

Commuter Concern Committee Formed

Other discussion during the meeting included an update from Argana and Moore regarding Chartwells’ attempts to include commuter students.

“They are working on trying to make them (the commuter students) feel more welcome,” Argana said.

Solutions offered by senate members included turning the Student Union into a dining area for commuter students.

Senator Lakin Hardy quickly pointed out that such a renovation would segregate commuter students from the rest of the student body.

Del Rosario then suggested the creation of a sandwich/coffee/frozen yogurt shop in the basement of the cafe instead, and Grivetti was a strong advocate for this plan.

“I wouldn’t discount the idea of having a dining area under the cafe,” Grivetti said.

Another solution included the strong suggestion that Chartwells reinstate the Hawks Hangout as a dining option on campus.

“If you ask any senior that has been here for four years they will tell you how great the UC (Hawk’s Hangout) was,” Del Rosario said.

The conversation then turned toward the university’s financial situation.

“We are making a lot of changes because of the financial recovery…we are trying to do the best we can with what we have and I think we need to let the commuters know that. It’s the money,” Argana said.

Argana suggested that if another dining option opened on campus, Chartwells could staff the location using student-volunteers. Students, in turn, would receive service learning hours for their time.

Argana and Moore plan to take these suggestions to Chris Blakeman, senior director of dining.

Senator Kayla Cheney said that commuter students feel disconnected and are typically less involved in extra-curricular activities. Cheney expressed a desire to add lockers and a charging station to the commuter lounge.

This sparked Grivetti to create a “Commuter Concern Committee” among senate members to create solutions and find ways to better assimilate and include commuter students in campus activities.

“If you want to be involved in campus you’re going to have to put your foot forward to be able to do that,” Vice-President-Elect Fallon Myers said.

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