QU Students Gather Around Bonfire

By Shane McAdams

This year QU student engagement is working harder than ever to create new events to help bring students together and build a sense of family on campus. One of the ways they are tackling this task is with lots of campus activities for students to take part in. The latest in a string of events was a bonfire outside of the Student Living Center.

For this event students gathered around the fire pit to enjoy the fire, listen to music, and roast marshmallows. Students had a blast making s’mores as well as meeting new people on campus.

“The bonfire was really fun. I got to meet and talk to new people. The campus activities that I’ve been able to go to thus far have been really fun and new experiences. And you know, who can really turn down s’mores?” Sarah Brown, freshman,  said.

One of the reasons that there are so many new events and activities happening around campus is because at the beginning of the year, every Residence Assistant was given the task to come up with two unique events to be held on campus. With 30 Residence Assistants on campus that’s roughly 60 new events that are going to be held on campus in the first semester.

Some of the other stand-out events that have been held on campus so far were late night breakfast in the Student Living Center, the water balloon fight, and movie night in front of the HFC.

Senior Residence Director Ernest Baker commented about the bonfire as well as upcoming events.

“The bonfire was a true success. People from different areas of our QU community came out to enjoy s’mores and play games. We have movie nights every Friday, and be on the lookout for fun programs like painting with water guns, ping pong tournaments, and even a SMASH event where students can smash and break things to de-stress and get rid of frustration,” Baker said.

With all the new activities and events happening on campus the best way to keep in the loop about new and upcoming events on campus, keep your eyes peeled for flyers and posters posted around campus.




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