How to ask for the hidden menu at QU Caf

The cafe is a place where all the Qu students go to converse with each other while enjoying some of the food the school has to offer. But lately the option of food has begin to gradually become more and more scarce with the Caf serving the same food multiple days in a row. Students say that they sometimes only eat a bowl of cereal or just a salad and a piece of pizza. The Caf needs to have more options prepared for the college students who grow bored of the meals they are being served.

Here are a few hidden dishes that the campus has to offer.


At the sandwich bar there are a many different option to choose from to make your favorite sandwich. They have at least four different kinds of breads to choose from, four different wraps, all kinds of cheese, and any topping you can think of that goes on a regular sandwich. Making a quesadilla is easy. All you have to do is ask the worker to put the cheese in a wrap of your choice and they have a press machine that melts the cheese a makes the wrap crispy and ready to enjoy!

Steak fries

QU has late night dining that is accessible for all students providing each of student with 100 dollars of flex money that can either be spent in the Caf store or for a meal from the grill. The menu has a lot of options but not many people know that you can modify your order to best satisfy your hunger. One dish that I discovered while being bored and creative at the same time is loaded fries. It’s not that difficult to request, all you have to ask is for a Philly steak with no bun. Since they put the sandwich and the fries on the same boat taking away the bun forces them to put the meat on the fries therefore making steak fries.

Hot pocket

Another dish I created on the fly is a bootleg version of a hot pocket. This is another dish that can be made at the sandwich bar but it is only available on days where they have pepperoni in their fridge. To create the hot pocket you use a tomato basil wrap, lay peperoni, cheese and olives on one half of the wrap and request some marinara sauce they use for the mozzarella sticks and spread it on the other half of the wrap. Fold it like a quesadilla, put it in the press machine or the oven, then it’s ready to enjoy!

Ice cream sandwhich

This is for those students who have a major sweet tooth and want to try something different. During the lunch and dinner dining hours, the Caf always has an assortment of desserts next to the deli. The dessert section features cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, garnishes etc. They also have an ice cream machine. So if you put two and two together you have yourself a tasty little dish for dessert.

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