Wallet-friendly things to do in Quincy

For those broke or nearly broke in Quincy, it might seem like there’s nothing to do. But that’s just not true!

Pokemon GO

Even if you don’t know anything about the Pokemon franchise, you can enjoy Pokemon GO. While it might not be as insanely big as it was on its release, there’s still a whole community of people who play. You really shouldn’t miss community days at Washington Park. Everyone gathers there to hit the gyms, spin the stops, and catch as many as they possibly can. Community days are displayed in the app, so it’s easy to look up when the next date will be!

Shiny Minccino and Shiny Cinccino now available in Pokémon ...

And just look at this little guy. Don’t you want one of your own?

Pokemon Go is available on Google Play and in the App Store.

Game Group

QU’s Game Group meets every month to race on Mariokart, battle in Super Smash Bros, and play lots of new tabletop games! Sometimes there are tournaments with cash prizes. It’s always a good time. Fliers are posted around campus whenever a new meet is coming up, so keep an eye out!

Quincy Mall

It’s not the Mall of America or anything, but Quincy Mall actually has a lot going for it. There are several clothing stores worth checking out, and a Dairy Queen if you need to stop for lunch and ice cream, but there is also:

  1. The movie theater! They have ultra comfortable seating, a variety of snacks to choose from, and of course plenty of great movies to see. You can look up showtimes and get tickets here.
  2. Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perfect. That’s what the delicious smell in the air is coming from!
  3. Bath and Body Works, speaking of smells. Even if you don’t buy anything, just taking in all the different scents is a good time!
  4. Midwest Jiu Jitsu Academy, for anyone interested in self-defense or in competitive martial arts.
  5. They also have a pet adoption center. Be careful not to get your heart stolen by the cute cats and dogs!

Scottie’s Fun Spot

You can go to Scottie’s Fun Spot for a wide variety of fun activities. These include:

  1. Go-kart rides
  2. Roller skating
  3. Laser Tag
  4. Route 66 Mini-bowling
  5. Arcade games

Scottie’s also have more activities available for kids. Prices range from $3 – $7.

There is also bowling at Tangerine Bowl and Casino Lanes!

Quincy Park District

If arcades and roller rinks aren’t quite your speed, Quincy also has several beautiful parks. There’s even a skatepark, with lessons available for anyone who’s interested. Quinsippi Island is especially scenic.


While you’re outside, consider picking up geocaching as a new hobby! Using your smartphone, you can seek out small stashes and add your name to the list of hunters who have found them. It’s fun on your own or with family and friends! You can even consider making a cache of your own for other people to find! Best of all, it’s completely free.

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