The off-season grind underway for basketball

Picture of two men playing basketball

By Eric Stafford

For the basketball team at Quincy University the season has come to an end. It is time now to find the keys to see how to improve and develop during this off-season.

Basketball is a long and stressful sport so sometimes it is easy to slack off during this time. For others some take it as an advantage to get better and outwork the competition.

This summer will be major and very important for some of the players at QU.

“All of the older guys that are coming back really need to lock in and be an example for the ones up under us. Next season we must be holding each other way more accountable and that starts with looking ourselves in the mirror. We have to take initiative this in getting better so we can get over the hump for next year,” Charles Callier, QU Senior, said.

“Getting better this summer has to contain guys starting off with recovery. Taking the time out to get back healthy through this long season. The next step is talking to trainers and coaches on finding out a real legit workout plan, that will help you individual improve your game. The goal is to come back in the fall and bringing something useful to the table,” Jamouri Coakley, QU Senior, said.

This off-season will be big for opportunity, in getting to grind it out and just work. Looks like most players are locked in for the challenge.

“For myself I feel like I know what to expect in coming back and know my role much better now. I will truly be able to work on stuff that makes me stand out and be at help to our team. The main goal for me next season is to send our seniors out the right way,” Jaylon Boyd, QU Freshmen, said.

So how will Quincy University’s basketball team spend this off-season?

The Grind is everything to some people. That is what made them who they are and that’s all they know. You truly must be in love with the process. One thing about the grind it will always show.

Things to get players started are writing down and getting an understanding of your goals. Have a clear vision on what will truly help and develop you. Staying consistent in everything you write down.

It will be very exciting to see what everyone comes to do. Very special and deep squad returning. This should be the group everyone needs to look out for.

“Locking in is the main objective I feel like as a whole. No jokes or games will be played during this time out. Everything is strictly business. We have a lot to prove so sacrifices need to be made. Time to take everything up a notch,” Markus Lofton, QU Sophomore, said.

Everyone has their own ideas and vision on how important this off-season is. Positive things will come if the grind is real. Time will tell it all.

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