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Students share their thoughts on Receiving the covid-19 vaccine

Student Receives the COVID-19 Vaccine

By Michele Barletta The Adams County Health Department has moved through their vaccine roll-out plan relatively quick in comparison to other county’s around the nation. Students at Quincy University have been lucky enough to be able to receive the vaccine so soon after it’s release. In February, students who held jobs on campus met the requirements to receive the vaccine

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Nurse? Step into the lives of Quincy University nursing students

By: Taylor King The nursing program at Quincy University is an outstanding program to be a part of. The hard work that they students put into becoming a nurse is quite remarkable. Some students say it is the hardest major and hardest field to study at Quincy University, right next to science majors. Quincy University partners with the hospital in

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