QU Offers Mission Trips for Service Learning Hours

Coming to Quincy University means one has to complete thirty hours of service learning activities in order to graduate.

Campus Ministry offers a whole array of mission trips throughout the school year that can count for as many as twenty-eight service learning hours.

The prices that are originally stated will never exceed the advertised amount.  The costs of the trips include food, shelter, transportation and no extra money is needed.

Full and partial scholarships are available.  A student can contact Campus Ministry for more details.

The Mission Trips begin this fall break, October 8th-11th.  Campus Ministry is offering two different kinds of trips over fall break.

The first, Hope For Students in East St. Louis, IL costs $150 and it works with afterschool programs.  Only five students are able to go.  They will be staffing a food pantry and staying at the Hubbard House.

The other mission trip is Impoverished Illinois in Cairo, IL.  This costs $150 and it is established in the poorest county in Illinois.  This is also for only five students and it works with Daystar Community Program.  Students will be able to work in a food pantry and a thrift store.

Over winter break, December 11th-17th, two more mission trips are available.

Project Christmas Angel is located in Biloxi, Mississippi.  It costs $250 plus an extra $25 for a child’s Christmas gift.  Students will be able to work with 2005 Volunteer of the Year, Ken Wetzel.  Also, students will work with Biloxi area flood and tornado victims as well as meet residents affected by Hurricane Katrina.  They will be able to adopt-a-kid and present him or her with a Christmas gift.  This trip is available for fifty students.

Mission Street Ministry is the other trip in Chicago, IL.  It costs $250 and one will work with impoverished, inner city neighborhoods.  They will be working in a food pantry and an afterschool program for kids as well as distributing clothing.  This trip is available to thirteen students.

Over spring break, March 5th-11th, 2016, three mission trips are available.  All three costs $250.  A Meal with the Poor is in Milwaukee, WI, Bring Home to Appalachia in Martin, KY, and the last is Farm for the Hungry in Rogersville, MO.

The end of the year mission trip is Civil Rights: A Continued Movement in Montgomery, AL.  It too costs $250.

“Last Spring Break, I went on my first Mission Trip to New Orleans.  It showed me how extensive the field of human services is.  I also had the opportunity to grow closer to my own friends as well as make many new ones,” said junior Shelli Ormond.

If one is interested, they go to the Campus Ministry office located on the first floor of Francis Hall to sign up.  The opportunity is open to all students and it is a chance to give back to the community as well as travel to several regions in the United States

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