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Urgent: Quincy University’s reason for concern

Picture of a student holding a laptop

By Kori Kay Obert The mental health of students on Quincy University’s campus is a serious issue during this time of isolation due to the pandemic. In QU’s attempt to keep its students on campus, they have not offered any breaks for the current fall semester. Many students have been expressing their concerns on the matter. Some students from out

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COVID-19 hurting college students

By Sharadyn Janssen In just a few months, COVID-19 has impacted all people, especially college students. Students have seriously struggled this semester against the many barriers created by the pandemic. Apart from the health consequences from those diagnosed, COVID-19 has affected many other area of students’ lives, including education, athletics, work, mental health, friendship, and experience. The quality of education

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Studies show break from social media needed during pandemic

By Tiffany Scifres, Danielle Schoonover, Riannon Beddington, Harrison Clark, QU Masters’ students in counseling Social media has been one of the fastest-growing platforms we’ve seen in the history of the internet. While it may hold the obvious benefits of being able to reach out to friends and family in faraway places, the mental health risks that follow are not often

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Teen travels across the world even after death

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By Kori Kay Obert The life of 15-year-old Grace Catherine Joyce Schell was remembered at Liberty High School’s track and field on Monday October 12. More than a thousand family members and friends of Schell gathered to celebrate the life she lived. To begin the memorial, items that were important to Schell were placed on a table near the stage.

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Festival of Lights brings back a Quincy tradition

By Alex Crozier The Festival of Lights kicked off this Thanksgiving in Moorman and Wavering Parks, hosting a trail of Christmas lights and decorations for cars to drive by. Festival president Eric Dooley has taken over a Quincy tradition for the first year since the Avenue of Lights event stopped a few years ago. “I think our goal when we

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