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Festival of Lights brings back a Quincy tradition

By Alex Crozier The Festival of Lights kicked off this Thanksgiving in Moorman and Wavering Parks, hosting a trail of Christmas lights and decorations for cars to drive by. Festival president Eric Dooley has taken over a Quincy tradition for the first year since the Avenue of Lights event stopped a few years ago. “I think our goal when we

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Audra Turnbull: Professional Guardian-Compassionate Companions Inc.

What’s challenging/interesting/rewarding about my current job? As a professional guardian, I advocate for those who are developmentally disabled, mentally ill, or have been diagnosed with some form of dementia. Due to these disabilities, our clients cannot make their own decisions so we are appointed by the court to act as surrogate decision-makers for them. I work in my client’s best

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Andy Martinez: La Vida Baseball

Current position: Digital/Social Content Producer, La Vida Baseball  What’s challenging/interesting/rewarding about my current job? Working at a digital media startup, challenges arise in many ways all the time. One of the things that’s most challenging is the many hats you are required to wear. Sure, you may have one title, but you might have to do two or three different

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Patrick Kuhle: Associate Marketing Manager Wilson Sporting Goods, Co.

What’s interesting about my current job? Wilson is a global company. Because of this, I’ve had the pleasure of working with people from all over the world, making many really good friends along the way. Before working at Wilson, I had never thought about working on things that apply outside of the United States, but spending time with co-workers and

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