Family Connections in QU Athletics

By: David Jacob

Coming to college and being away from family can be tough.  Some college athletes, though, have had the luxury of playing with their siblings.

That is the case for three particular families at Quincy University.  The Cunningham’s, Kuhlenberg’s and Reis’.


Junior Maddy Kuhlenberg hugs her sister Natalie on Senior Day

Junior Maddy Kuhlenberg said, “Playing with my sister is great because she knows me better than myself sometimes and we have that sisterly connection,” in regards to her sister, senior Natalie Kuhlenberg.  “Senior day was a little emotional, but I am just enjoying every last bit of soccer and college I can with her.”

The Cunningham’s have had a total of three athletes come through QU.  Senior Maggie Cunningham is in her final campaign with the women’s basketball program.  Her two brothers, Peter, who graduated last spring, and Adam, who graduated in 2011, both played baseball at QU.

“It has always been nice to have an older brother here, but at the same time he was super protective,” said Cunningham of her older brother Pete.  “I could always go to him if I needed advice and I miss him each and every day this year.”

Tom Cunningham, the father, said, “After Maggie’s season and graduation, the next year will be the first time in eight years that I will not be making the trip to Quincy.”


The Cunnningham’s last spring surround Peter on Senior Day

The Reis’ are the final family duo.  Junior Taylor and freshman Cooper Reis are trying to get their Hawks back to the Final Four.

Taylor said, “I have been here for three years, so it is my duty to be a leader to my teammates, but also a role model to my brother so he can carry on the tradition when I graduate next year.”

Family are the ones that will be there for you no matter what.  There is no bond stronger than the one of a family member.  For the Kuhlenberg’s, Cunningham’s and Reis’, they have all got to enjoy or are enjoying a family member on the small campus of QU.

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