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Carly Bettencourt

Housing at Quincy University seems to always stir up questions and concerns, how do I get my bid number? What is a bid number? Why are younger students ahead of me?  To start a student receives their bid number based on their individual QU credits. This means the amount of classes (credits) you have taken at QU, unfortunately transfer credits do not count. This explains why some younger students are receiving higher bid numbers than older students. A bid number is a number given to each student that tells them what day they get to select their housing. Obviously the lower the number the better chance students will have of selecting the place they want to live.



Helein Hall

One thing that Quincy does have are designated Freshman dorms, both Helein Hall and Garner Hall are almost all completely filled with new faces. However, this doesn’t mean that Freshman have to live there. If by chance an incoming Freshman knows an upperclassman then they have the ability to live with that person in whatever dorm or house they reside in.


KK2_2708-300x200 KK2_2760-300x200

Padua and Friars Hall are home to mand sophomores and juniors with the occasional senior. The rooms in Padua are all single rooms and require a students personal air conditioning if wanted. Friars has a mix of single and double rooms and is also connected to Francis Hall. Senior Tatyana Peck said, ” I really enjoyed Padua Hall, it was always quiet and relaxing, I felt like I was in my own world”.



Woods and the Sudent Living Center (SLC) are apartment style housing. SLC comes in single, double and triple rooms while Woods is single and double. These arrangements mostly go to junior and seniors but occasionally sophomores get lucky.



Willer Hall is the last of the dorm  choices at QU, this is again suite style but can hold up to five students per room. This hall hold probably the biggest range of students from freshman to seniors. Many people choose to live here because they like that multiple people live in one room.


Quincy University does have a variety of housing selections to choose from, however, an better solution to the bid numbers could be going by class; freshman through seniors and giving bid numbers based on the QU credits of each class. Meaning Seniors would go first and would be given their bid number based on how they rank amongst other seniors. This would continue down the line until the freshman are given their bid numbers based on incoming credits.

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  • I wish they had a picture of what the rooms look inside so that I could plan on what to bring better!

    • Great idea! Sorry it took so long to reply. I’ll make sure student editors know about your request.
      Assistant Prof of COM Nora Baldner.

    • Yes, a floor plan would be useful, as well as photos submitted by student residents. They give you a room tour, but those rooms never have a realistic amount of STUFF.

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