Trippy Chef Catering

Carly Bettencourt

Senior Tatyana Peck woke up one day and had an idea. The idea was to serve quality food to late night customers. Her original goal was to cut down on drinking and driving around Quincy Universities Campus, and now it’s turned into something special. She started with a menu, something creative, trippy and unlike anything else in Quincy. She wanted to give people a chance to experience food that Quincy truly doesn’t offer, something that would bring them back time and time again.


Starting up roughly a year ago Trippy Chef started small, with reliable faithful customers. The hours were Friday-Saturday 10 p.m-3 a.m. and Sunday 5 p.m.- 10 p.m. These hours tailored to the younger crowd, it gave them something other then Hardee’s  to eat. Trippy Chef not only catered to students but it was asked to cater Quincy University’s Haunted House where funnel cakes, hot chocolate and bacon wrapped hot dogs were soled.




Trippy Chef took a small break during Christmas time but is planning for a grand reopening April 8th, and will be displaying a new menu and new hours. For the new menu and times follow Trippy Chef on Instagram and Snapchat or go to

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