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Coming out of college with a bachelors degree going into the working world can be difficult. Applying for grad school of your choice and not getting accepted could be disappointing. But not giving up, stepping out of your comfort zone, and buckling down to what may be best is the strategy in which some seniors should go by just as Jevante Francis, senior at Quincy University is doing.

Jevante Francis is a senior, a part of the Spring, May 2016 graduating class here at Quincy University. Francis focus is in the Bachelors of Art in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in criminal justice. He has already been offered job opportunities and accepted into master programs.

Jevante Francis

Jevante Francis

“Ive been accepted into 2 masters programs. Masters of science program in international marketing in New Zealand and a masters of art executive leadership at Liberty University in Virginia. I have also gotten 3 job offers. 2 which are in Miami and 1 here in Quincy.” Francis stated.

Some of the job opportunities offered to Jevante, in which a couple of the offers he is considering, is a position a communication specialist at the Miami Dade County Police Department where he would be working in the 911 dispatch unit. As well as an accountant manager for Millennium, which is a finical services firm. And also a position as the director of disaster preparedness program at the America Red Cross here in Quincy. 

“I’m really considering the Florida job offers because I get an opportunity to help people, which is always my goal and what I love to do. This opportunity and decision also helps me be closer to home and my family" Francis said. "Ive been away from home and family long enough.”

“I believe I served my time here in Quincy, so considering the job here would be my last option to consider”

Being in Quincy for four years Jevante has felt his job and journey in Quincy is over come May 15th after commencement and will journey further with plans and goals he obtained after becoming a college undergrad.




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