Coffee And Conversation With Ivanka Trump

By Lauren Beeman

Ivanka Trump, daughter of presidential candidate Donald Trump, visited The Ambiance in Quincy, Illinois, on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016. The event was titled, “Coffee and Conversation,” and served as a fundraiser for the Trump-Pence campaign.

The Adams County Republican Committee sponsored the event and had just ten days to prepare for Trump’s visit. Notable attendees included several Quincy community leaders including Harold W. Knapheide III, Rich and Connie Niemann, and Illinois State Representative, Jil Tracy.

Event organizer and Director of Community Relations for Niemann Foods Inc., Gerry Kettler, only had positive remarks to make about a national figure being in Quincy.

“No matter what side you vote on, she (Trump) still represents the future because she has young opinions, new opinions, and she’s worth listening to,” Kettler said.

Lee Lindsay, a prominent figure in the Quincy community, provided the opening remarks and introductions following the Pledge of Allegiance and singing of the Star-Spangled Banner. Her speech centered upon the general theme of the Trump-Pence campaign-making America great again.

“There has always been only one nation like America…dedicated to the idea that we are all created equal. Sadly now, America has fallen into darkness, ” Lindsay opened.

Lindsay went on to provide introductions for Tracy, who moderated the conversation as well as for Trump. The setup included a stage with two chairs- one for each of the respective participants-accompanied by a patriotically themed backdrop.

“Coffee and Conversation” proceeded with Tracy asking Trump questions in a conversational-style. Tracy specifically asked questions concerning Trump’s father.

The first topic centered on Trump’s upbringing, and she recounted a story in which she would call her father from a payphone during school, and no matter the circumstance, he would answer.

“He would take the call, and put me on speakerphone. It didn’t matter who was in his office. It would be heads of state, administrators, or people in the middle of a tense negotiation. He would sing my praises for a few minutes…and then I would be off,” Trump recalled.

Trump’s narratives about her life and her relationship with her father spoke volumes to the individuals in attendance. Rich Niemann, owner of Niemann Foods Inc., felt passionately about Trump’s visit to Quincy.

“What we need more of in this country is people who think with common sense and raise their children that way. Obviously she has had a really good upbringing. She has been trained really well by her family,” Niemann said.

As the conversation led by Tracy continued, Trump spoke more on her father’s policy, specifically his policy concerning the betterment of family life under his designed Child Care Plan.

Trump highlighted the point of the policy that includes the creation of Dependent Care Savings Accounts (DCSAs). These savings accounts would allot money to the education of children as well as to elderly care for families. To find out more about the details of this policy, readers may access the proposal by visiting

Trump was asked a total of three questions throughout the course of the morning, and then concluded the event by thanking all in attendance and encouraging everyone to head out to the polls on November 8, 2016 and vote.

“Ivanka is so down-to-earth. She is very warm, and I think that’s the way she was raised. I think we learned a lot about her father by watching her today. This gave me a lot of confidence in (Donald) Trump’s skills to be a leader of the free world,” Lindsay said.

All in all, feelings about Trump’s visit were positive and well-received by all in attendance.  Political affiliation aside, Trump’s visit put Quincy, IL. on the map.




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