Never Fear Beer Is Here

By: Shea Stine

Students who have been concerned about alcohol being served in the Hawk’s Nest can rest assured. Despite the rumors swirling around campus, Chartwells has renewed the liquor license, which means alcohol will continue to be served.

“I had heard a couple people say that there wouldn’t be any more alcohol at the Hawk’s Nest, and a bunch of people weren’t happy. We always go to the Hawk’s Nest for intramural darts on Thursday nights, and I think attendance would have declined if there wasn’t beer anymore,” said senior Jack Gainer.

Acting dean of students in the Office of Student Engagement, Crystal Sutter said that the license has been renewed by Chartwells, QU’s food service partner. Sutter said that Chartwells renews the license annually.

“I know that a bunch of students will be happy to know that the Hawk’s Nest will keep serving alcohol. There’s usually a good crowd down there for intramural darts on Thursdays, and most everybody who is 21 is drinking and having a good time. I’m definitely excited for intramurals to start back up,” said senior Mark Neibrugge, who has been playing darts every year he has been at Quincy.

Students should also stay tuned to their QU email for announcements on other events that the Hawk’s Nest will host throughout the school year. For those interested in activities in the Hawk’s Nest,  Quincy Intramurals on Facebook has more information.

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