QU Residence Halls to Be Revitalized This Summer

By Lauren Beeman

An administrative conversation about improving engagement at Quincy University sparked a new opportunity for students.

Beginning this summer, QU students will have the opportunity to be a part of the campus revitalization program.

“The revitalization program is the idea that everyone will work together and band together to try and revamp the residence halls,” Dean of Students Christine Tracy said.

At its core, the revitalization is an attempt to improve the appearance of different areas around campus.

Students who choose to participate in this project will have the opportunity to stay on campus over the summer free of charge and fulfill the service-learning requirements for graduation.

“Our two buildings that need the most revitalization are Willer and Padua,” Tracy said.

Tracy says the project will be conducted as a trial run to see if revitalizing the buildings will improve student life and morale and also the overall appearance of the residence halls.

“I think the dorms are in serious need of some TLC so I am more than happy to help straighten up the dorms,” junior Dionna Anderson said.

Participating students will be asked to give 15 hours a week to help renovate the residence halls. Any student who participates in this program for three weeks or more will fulfill the service requirement for graduation.

Currently, students who want to stay in the Student Living Center over the summer will be required to pay $125 dollars a week.

“I wanted to participate in the summer revitalization program because I need to stay at QU over the summer, but I wasn’t able to afford the $125. The program is giving me the opportunity to work for my housing which I don’t mind,”  Anderson said.

Interested students are required to fill out a summer housing application along with a second application to participate in the summer revitalization program.

There are five opportunities encompassed within the program and students are able to choose which they would like to have.

Applying students are asked to rank their desired positions. These include a site supervisor, a renovations crew, which will be responsible for painting and housekeeping, special projects workers and, finally, a grounds crew.

In addition, Greek Life members will be able to repaint and make repairs to their respective chapters’ houses.

Students choosing to live in Willer will be able to repaint and design their suites to add a more personalized touch.

Freshman Kadiatou Bah is one student who is already planning her Willer renovations.

“This opportunity allows us to leave a legacy. My roommates and I are all either pre-medicine or nursing majors, and we are looking at decorating and creating an image within that for QU,” Bah said.

Tracy hopes the project will be completed by August, just in time for QU students to return to campus.

“The goal is that the project is finished by Aug. 1 because that’s when the resident directors and resident assistants move back to campus. Then, they are followed shortly by fall athletes and band members, and, then, everyone else will come back to campus and these buildings will be newly renovated,” Tracy said.

Applications for summer housing and the summer revitalization program are due May 12. Interested students can speak to Christine Tracy in the Student Success Center.




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