QU Professor Exhibits Art In Italy

Quincy University Distinguished Professor of Art, Robert Lee Mejer, has been invited, as 1 of 30 American Watercolorists, to exhibit his watercolor in the International Fabriano (Italy) in Acquarello Convention.

“I feel honored to be selected to represent what is best in the United States in the area of painting, particularly in watercolor,” Mejer said.

Mejer’s former student, Carole Hughes-Hennessy, was selected to exhibit her work as well.

“It also pleased me to see a former student get a deserved recognition for her hard work/growth as well!  Our paintings reflect different voices/styles in this versatile medium,” Mejer said.

The exhibition will be on display from April 20 – May 15, featuring artists from 35 countries. American Artists exhibition will be showcased in the Paper Museum in Fabriano, Italy.

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