QU Receives $300,000 Gift from Franciscans

By Roza Panos

Recently, the Franciscans gave Quincy University a $300,000 gift to help with the school’s financial recovery campaign.

The Franciscan Province of the Sacred Heart founded the school, which was called St. Francis Solanus College at the time, in 1860.  For the last 157 years, the Friars have continuously provided financial support and service to QU.

Robert Gervasi, president of the university, did not anticipate the size of the gift because he feels that the Friars already give enough to the annual QU fund.

“This is the latest expression, an incredibly generous expression that a commitment has extended in so many years,” Gervasi said.

The gift is a major step forward for QU’s $7 million financial recovery campaign. The investment puts the campaign 33 percent closer to its five-year goal. Gervasi hopes to  build on this progress.

Matt Bergman, director of development, alumni and community relations, feels extremely humbled by the gift from an organization that has given so much already.

“This would be an incredible gift from anybody, but it’s even more so incredible from the Franciscans,” Bergman said.

Gervasi did not see this coming, but he knew that the Friars were trying to help as much as they could. Because of their commitment to the Board of Trustees, he thinks that they feel a responsibility for the university.

“For them to give this much really underscores their commitment to all of our students and university,” he said.

QU student Joe Laws thinks this gift is a wonderful start for superior academic performance for the university.

“Hopefully, our present leadership will use this gift wisely,” he said.

Gervasi and the university are proud and hope to see students receive the best possible education with this gift.


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