Vaughan family wants change in Adams County Courthouse

On Saturday, February 12, supporters of Cammy Vaughan are holding a protest in Washington Park at 1 p.m. in Quincy. They want to show support for all sexual assault survivors and spread awareness of her story.

QUTV had the chance to talk with Rachael Vaughan, Cammy’s step-mother, about her daughter’s case. 

“We’re wanting to give any sexual assault victims their voice. We’re wanting everyone to know they have a voice no matter male, female, their voice counts. We’re wanting to give them that, we’re also wanting judges to be accountable,” Rachael Vaughan said. 

In October, Drew Clinton was found guilty of one count of sexual assault. Adams County Circuit Judge Robert Adrian changed his ruling in January at Clinton’s sentencing hearing. 

The Vaughan family could not believe that happened.

“I’m overwhelmed, hurt. It’s a rollercoaster, the outpour of support that’s been here has been amazing. Cameron has had a great deal of support now that she never had before. The love from this community has been amazing. The amount of hate that we’ve got also from a few has been there as well and that makes me angry,” Vaughan said.

Rachael hopes that Cammy’s story leads to community healing and sexual assault survivor empowerment. 

“It’s not just for us, this is for everybody. This is so this doesn’t happen again. Even if our case doesn’t go the way we want it to, or if our case doesn’t get changed, I’m hoping that we’re loud enough for things to change,” Vaughan said.

The support group along with thousands of internet users are using the hashtag #standwithcammy in support of rape survivor Cameron Vaughan and all sexual assault survivors. The group will be protesting on Saturday in support of many people still dealing with their own sexual assaults while also working to hold people with power accountable.

“I always talk to her about this ‘little wave’ she’s made and how it is not little at all. I mean she set off a Tsunami. She has no idea how big of an impact she is making. I think she’s sorta starting to see it but she truly is so inspiring and I am just so proud,” Vaughan said. 

They are hoping to gather support to remove Judge Adrian from the bench. The group has posted a petition on that now contains over 100,100 signatures. 

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  • Yes, accountability of judges decisions are crucial to a fairer judicial system. All levels of judges that is. We need this to change…

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