SGA finalizes election process, dates

By Shea Stine

Quincy University’s Student Government Association unveiled more election details at its Feb. 21 meeting. After the executive team presented new election information, the senate approved and finalized the executive team’s proposals.

SGA finalized applications for all elected positions, and they are currently open on Google Docs to any interested students. The application for president and vice president can be found here, and the senate application can be found here . Applications are due by March 3.

SGA also finalized that elections will be held from March 27-31. There will be polling locations open from 11:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. each day in the Student Success Center, the cafeteria and North Campus. The voting booths will be run by graduating seniors in order to reduce any conflict of interest. Students will need to bring their QU identification card in order to verify their eligibility to vote.

While campaigning, students can use flyers, which must be approved by the office of student engagement, and poster boards.  They can also write on Penny Lane with chalk and the windows of buildings with Crayola window crayons, which will be provided as part of the SGA budget.

QU Media will be broadcasting debates for candidates as part of the campaigning, but some students expressed concerns that participating in a debate would make them less likely to run for office.

Students can also create their own campaign commercials, which will need to be approved by QU Media.

The incoming freshman class will campaign at the beginning of October next semester, and freshman elections will take place the week after students return from Fall Break.

SGA meetings will continue to be open to students outside the senate, but those students will not have any voting power.

Sophomore Bridget Hunkins, the SGA representative for the Chemistry Club, voted in favor of the proposed changes and is excited about the new format. Hunkins said she plans to run for president.

“I am really excited about where our university is right now,” she said. “There have been a lot of administrative changes around the restructuring, but there hasn’t been much change to accompany that for the students. We have a great opportunity to shape how things are done at the university.”

Hunkins said that she was already thinking about running before the recent restructuring, but the new format provides a unique opportunity.

“I was thinking about running, but I wouldn’t be nearly as excited or fired up as I am without the recent changes,” she said. “The changes we have made is giving a lot of power back to the students who are interested in helping out and representing. At the end of the day, it should be about us, the students. What do we want during our time at this university?”

Advisor Christine Tracy announced at the meeting that the ski trip has been cancelled due to weather. The unseasonably warm temperatures have caused the Snowstar Winter Sports Park to cancel because they cannot keep enough snow on the ground.

Tracy is offering an alternative trip for students this Friday, Feb. 24, to the St. Louis City Museum. Students will leave in the afternoon on a bus, provided by the school, and receive free admission as part of the trip. Students who are interested must sign up with Tracy in the SSC. Students who signed up for the ski trip but do not want to go to the museum can get a refund of their money from Tracy in the SSC.

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