Senior Gift Isn’t Anything To Wine About

By Lauren Beeman

The senior class fundraising committee for the Wine and Cheese night has elected to donate the funds raised at the event for a new disc golf course.

According to committee member, Jamie Frederick, the estimated cost of the course is around $4,000, but the committee is budgeting for $5,000. Any amount raised over the $5,000 will go to the QU scholarship fund.

The Quincy University seniors host an annual “Wine and Cheese” night that serves as a fundraiser for the class gift.

Each year, the senior committee members are tasked with the responsibility of deciding how the money will be spent and are ultimately in charge of selecting the senior gift.

“I, personally, think the money should go back to the school for something that students can enjoy for a generations to come,” Jamie Frederick, committee member, said.

In light of recent financial events, there was a push by some involved to donate the senior class gift money towards the university’s recovery efforts, and in the end, the committee decided donating the money back to QU was the best option.

“The idea behind this event is to raise money so the senior class can leave something behind at QU. It was decided that the most beneficial thing we could do for the school was to designate the profits to be used for the financial recovery,” Alex Tedrow, committee member, said.

The senior committee is advised by Director of Development, Alumni and Community Relations Matt Bergman.

According to Tedrow, past senior classes have raised around $4,500 through this event, but this year’s committee, headed by Annie Arment, has their sights set a little higher.

“Our goal is to raise $6,000 for the school,” Arment said.

This goal would be record breaking for the annual event, and the committee is doing everything possible to make sure it happens.

The committee has received more donations for the event than ever before, lowering their out-of-pocket expenses.

Not only that, but Quincy University President, Robert Gervasi, has agreed to match the amount raised by the senior class.

“We asked Dr. Gervasi for a donation towards the event and he told us he would match whatever we raised up to $5,000,” Frederick said.

If the $6,000 goal is met, combined with Gervasi’s match of up to $5,000, this event could potentially raise $11,000 towards QU’s financial recovery efforts.

“It would be very generous of him to match what we raise,” Tedrow said.

The “Senior Wine and Cheese Night” is scheduled to take place on May 5, 7 -11 p.m. in the Hall of Fame Room.

QU students of legal drinking-age may purchase a ticket for $10. Non-student tickets are $15. Guests receive 3 wine samples and a commemorative glass with ticket purchase.

Guests in attendance will also be able to buy a bottle of wine starting at $15. The event will also feature live music for the first time in its history.

“Our goal would be a record for this event, but we think it is possible…we are striving to make it as good as we can,” Tedrow said.









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