Bridget Hunkins For SGA President

 What is your motivation for running for SGA President?

My main motivation is being the voice f0r the students. I feel as of right now that our collective student’s voice is almost non-existence. My main drive is to be there for all students population and be able to speak and advocate for them for whatever they might need.

Why do you feel that you best represent the students at Quincy University?

I think that I have a unique perspective as a sophomore that I almost have two years under my belt. I also have that time to implement that source of change. That being said, I also able to foster and develop respectful relationships with the administrations. That is going to be the number one task at hand. The university is for students and if the administrations and the board don’t recognize us or listen to us then there is no point to what we are trying to do.

What do you think the role of SGA is for students? Specifically?

Hopefully it is going to look a lot different next year and I think the student’s perspective on SGA right now is funding request. It is suppose to be so much more than that. My goal is to change the students culture on how they view SGA. Really the role of SGA should govern the students as well to speak and advocate for the students needs. So if the seniors have problems with graduation fees, that is equally as important as freshmen that are upset with the required meal plans. Governing the students and giving them the voice and taking them to administrations is the big role of SGA.

What is your campaign strategy?

I am working closely with Mary Argana who hopefully will be my vice-president. We are especially targeting students. I have a Facebook page called Bridget Hunkins – SGA president and people are welcome to follow and give it a like. I will be posting all sorts of thing especially the issues that I want to talk about. I also have flyers hanging up all around campus. Mostly talking to students and finding out what the issues are and what students what in as SGA president.

How do you hope SGA tackles the recovery? How do you hope SGA will be involved? With Administrators? Students? Teachers?

The university is for students. All of these changes what ever they like to have us believe is that these changes are going to affect us. We need to have a seat at the table. We need to be at the board meetings so they can understand that we need to be the central focus when making these decisions. How I hope SGA will be involved is proposing solutions and helping being that voice and say that this is what the students as we are going through these changes. Administrators, teachers, and students all play a hand in that.

It will be difficult to increase any budget that the school provides for SGA. Do you think you can get your ideas done within the current budget? If not, what ideas do you have for raising the budget?

Budget is definitely a hot topic all throughout campus. For me, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” I know it’s a cliche, but I believe that if students want something bad enough we will find a way to make it happen. I want to be able to bring a big name act to campus. Administration likely isn’t able to pay for all of that, so let’s explore different options. Let’s fund raise, let’s find donors, let’s make it happen. If the student body wants something, I WILL find a way for it to happen.

 What new ideas do you want to bring to SGA?

Most of the ideas, on top of being able to sit in at the board meetings, is lots of programming. QU over the last two years has really become my home but I never intended for that to happen. I kind of fell in love with the university and I know that is not a very common thing here. All of people have dreaded their four years here and I hate that. I want to be able to bring effective programming, and bring back things that students the student like such as the Rootbeer kegger and bring more events that students appreciate and hopefully develop a culture since right now there isn’t really one.

What experience do you bring to the job that you are applying for?

My experience is dealing with administration. Where it stands right now is the I have already developed a relationship. I have already been to Dr. Ghosh (VP for Student Enrollment and Engagement) and Dr. Behrens (VP, Academic Affairs) office voicing particular issues. This past semester, there was an issue in one of our science classes so I was able to go into Dr. Behrens office and have a conversation with her and ultimately we were able to get our lab fees back for the class and that has changed. Having that relationship is going to be crucial when actually making these changes. We already have that respect for each other. They know my name, my face, and know what I stand for.

How do you balance your personal life with your responsibilities (School work, work, family life, SGA)?

Time management is key and I know we say that over and over again and I personally believe that time management is something that I do well because I had to do it from a very early age. I do have a job on campus and I am a bio major so it is a decent course load. I am really good budgeting my time and knowing when I can accept these responsibilities. I believe this is important and it have become the number one priority. SGA will have my full and undivided attention when that time comes.

What is your favorite thing about QU?

I love QU. My favorite thing about QU is the relationship that I have formed here with students, faculty, staff. I work at the admission office and we say over and over again how you will never be a number here at QU and that is so true. The relationship that I have formed with the faculty already is invaluable to have and it has been wonderful for me. It is a wonderful place to be at and I want more people to see that side of QU.

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