AOPi Hosts Mr. GQ Pageant

Alpha Omicron Pi held their annual Mr.GQ male beauty pageant on Friday, March 24 to raise funds for the Arthritis Foundation.

The pageant theme focused on “T.V. Through The Ages.” Contestants had to take on the role of their favorite television character.

The AOPi members raised over $300 for the Arthritis Foundation during their event with the combination of ticket sales, Mr.Popularity votes, and baked goods. The sisters also had support from 13 different organizations in the Quincy community to help reach their philanthropy goal.

“I’m really proud of all of our hard work,” Abbey Carpenter, AOPi sister said. ” I believe that we not only raised money for the foundation, but also awareness for arthritis.”

The contestants included Aaron Hardin, Junior, escorted by Taylor McCullough. Josh del Rosario, Junior, escorted by Jennifer Williams. Brandon Riggles, Sophomore, escorted by Holly Sabo. Aaron Weber, Junior, escorted by Susie Hubbard. Reed Bentzinger, Senior, escorted by Alyssa Vitale. David Webb, Freshman, escorted by Gwen Sweirk.

Darek Lambert hosted the event and Sam Wilson was the pageant DJ. The judges were AOPi supporters; Rachel Peterson, Brendan McCrudden, and Robin Hummert.

The night featured five rounds of showcasing talent: an ‘age’ of television, formal wear, an on-stage question, and a competition against another contestant.

Talents ranged from making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich blindfolded, juggling highlighters, and performing an original piece on the drums.


Reed Bentzinger 

Reed Bentzinger walked away with the Mr.Popularity title and Mr.GQ 2017. Brandon Riggles won Mr. Philanthropy while David Webb won runner up Mr. GQ 2017.

“It’s always fun to go out with a bang. It’s been one of the best years of my life,” Bentzinger said.

This was Reed Bentzinger’s second time competing for the Mr.GQ title, claiming he had to return for crowning redemption. As it was Bentzinger’s senior year, he enjoyed being involved with the event just as much as it benefitted the Arthritis Foundation.

Brandon Riggles entered the pageant to show his support for AOPi’s philanthropy and also for the new experience.

“I wanted to show my personality on stage, have fun, and do it for a great cause,” Riggles said.

AOPi has been fundraising year-round and plans to continue.

“The fundraisers that we held this semester really opened my eyes to those suffering with arthritis. I feel more passionate about our philanthropy after participating in these events,” Carpenter said.

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