Man In Underwear Attacks QU Friar

By Brayden Nuessen

At approximately 6:30 Wednesday evening, QU Frair, Brother Terry Santiapillai, was attacked in Brenner Library. Santiapillai, a reference and archive librarian, oversees the library during the evening hours.

This incident started on Tuesday when a Quincy man police identified as  George Scott, 36, attempted to use the Brenner library. Santiapillai denied him access.

“He was not making any sense and I did not want to put the students here at risk,” Santiapillai said. “I had a feeling something was not right.”

He also said that Scott was not happy after being forced to leave.

Scott came back Wednesday evening with a stick only wearing underwear. He approached Santiapillai and started hitting him with a branch. A couple students intervened and tackled Scott to the ground.

“A gentlemen who has been in the library the previous day, was asked to leave, came back this time almost wearing no clothes, and also carrying a stick that I believe he tore off the tree outside the building,” Matt Bergman, director of development, alumni and communication relations said.”Luckily our students sprung into action as one student called 911 while another student helped subdue the man, and get him away from Brother Terry, and was able to control the man until police arrived.”

Santiapillai was not injured in this incident and refused medical attention. He quickly returned to work.

“I was more concerned about the safety of the students,” Santiapillai said.

Scott has been booked into the Adams County jail, suspected of aggravated battery.

“We are extremely proud of our students and staff and how they handled this matter, I don’t think they could of done a better job,” Bergman said.


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