Students miss out on rooms due to lottery

Alex Pickus checking he room assignment on his computer.

The housing lottery at Quincy University ended on March 28 and some students are not satisfied with where they are living next year.

QU students got to choose where they wanted to live next year during the housing lottery. Some students were happy with where they ended up getting to live next year but some were not as happy. The housing lottery goes by your credit hours and GPA, so students who have the most credit hours and best GPA get to pick first. GPA may cause problems for some students to get a good time to choose or it could be their credit hours that holds them back.

“I was very disappointed when I saw that there were no rooms open in Woods or the SLC,” Colin FitzGerald said. “I understand that I don’t have the most credits but it really sucked because I was looking forward to getting my own kitchen so I don’t always have to eat The Café, it would also be cheaper since I wouldn’t have to pay for the unlimited meal plan. Another thing that really sucked is that when you’re doing homework in your room, you can hear people yelling while in Willer which makes hard to work.”

Colin FitzGerald checks his computer and is disappointed that he did not get the room he was hoping for.

More students have expressed that they are not happy with their room situation next year due to the lottery. The lottery has messed up some students’ plans for next year and now these students need to figure out what they are going to do.

“I was not happy when I figured out that the only places I could live next year were Willer or Helein,” Alex Pickus said. “Me and my brother Brandon were hoping to live in Woods next year so we could both have our own room to ourselves and even a little living room area and our own kitchen. I was really looking forward to having my own kitchen because I like to cook my own food. I just wish there was somewhere else to live so I don’t have to live in Willer again.”

Not all students missed out on the rooms they were trying to live in next year. Some students were very fortunate to get a good time slot in the lottery for more choices of rooms. Some got a time slot early enough to have a choice of every single available room. These students are thankful but do feel for the people who didn’t get a good time to pick and miss out on the room they wanted.

“I got the luxury of getting a good time and now I will be living in the SLC which is super nice with my own kitchen,” Brock Inman said. “I know that some of my friends didn’t get the SLC which sucks because I won’t get to see them as often and I know they are not the happiest about it.”

Students missed out on rooms they wanted but hope there is a way to change it with the help of other students and friends.

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