Maybe You Can Judge a Book by its Cover

By Nate Perez

Whether it’s walking down penny lane or through Francis hall, you are bound to pass an athlete. Most of the time you are able to recognize what sport they play, whether it is the style in their clothes or their team logo. Showing off your sport is a pride for athletes at Quincy University.

Which athletes show it off the most though? One athlete from every male and female sport was asked what certain sports team’s outfits consist of and which team they think is the easiest to spot. Their answers:

Senior Football Player Darius Carey: “The girls’ soccer team. It’s because they all wear black and have the long coats.”

Sophomore Swimmer Brittany Walenczyk: “Baseball players stick out to me most. Most have a baseball hat on with a flat brim. Some have their sunglasses on their heads, the ones with color polarization.”

Senior Men’s Basketball Player Grant Meyer: “Baseball. Big coats, hats, or even sun glasses.”

Senior Women’s Basketball Player Selina Barnes: “It’s a hard to distinguish the difference between football and basketball because we kind of wear the same stuff. I think football wears more actual running shoes and basketball wears sports sandals a little more. As for other sports it’s easier. Baseball wears baseball caps all of the time and soccer wears sweats or skinny joggers. Volleyball wears short shorts or yoga pants. Track just wears a lot of running gear.”

Freshman Track Runner Noah James: “I would have to go with basketball as players always have their apparel on. But the same way with track athletes too! Between the running shoes/pants/jackets always on you can tell who runs and who doesn’t.”

Sophomore Track Runner Kellyn Lamore: “Definitely soccer because they wear the same stuff basically like the sweatshirts, headbands, socks, shorts, sweatpants, etc.”

Sophomore Baseball Player Dalton Overstreet: “I notice baseball and football players because of their hats and clothes. They either have football or baseball stitched in the clothing.”

Junior Softball Player Abby Burton: “I would say baseball players are usually wearing brown shorts, yellow shirts, and a hat.”

Senior Men’s Soccer Player Jordan Stephens: “Football players because they always wear sweat pants and hoodies around.”

Sophomore Women’s Soccer Player Abby Pulliam: “I think every sport definitely sticks out in their own way. Like for soccer we all wear our giant coats, softball has their coats and I always see baseball wearing grout fits. I definitely think sports sticks out more when they’re in season since they have so many practices and usually have to match. We all wear sweats basically all the time.”

Senior Men’s Golfer Aaron Drese: “I’d definitely say the football & baseball teams. Mostly because of their outer-wear. Many of the athletes here at Quincy are proud to compete at a collegiate level so they enjoy to represent their school.”

Senior Women’s Golfer Jamie Frederick: “Soccer girls always where headbands and have pony tails. Baseball guys always where their all grey sweatpants and jackets.”

Junior Cross Country Runner Jimmy Ariel: “It is hard to identify just one tam by the apparel, but the baseball team. Almost every member I witness while sitting in the lobby of Francis has at least of article of clothing that had the QU Baseball logo on it.”

Freshman Cross Country Runner Katie Cook: “Basketball boys and their sweats.”

Senior Men’s Volleyball Player Mike Schreiber: “I would say basketball is the easiest to spot, because their logo is front and center on every piece of gear they have. They also usually walk around together in a group of 2 or 3, and you just tend to see them more often than other sports. They look like a team on and off the court which is pretty cool to see.”

Sophomore Women’s Volleyball Player Taylor McMonagle: “Baseball is super easy to pick out. Baseball hats and they always wear their apparel, like their hoodies.”

Freshman Men’s Tennis Player Patrick Anderson: “Football and baseball because they’re wearing the brown QU shirts with the yellow shorts.”

Senior Women’s Tennis Player Amy Kuhle: “The only thing I can really think of is when the soccer players wear those pants that are tight at the ankles.”

Do you agree? Can you tell which sport a QU athlete wears just by their clothes?

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