QU Students Participate in Walk to End Alzheimer’s

By Alexa Low

Quincy University’s dance team and band made the short trip to Clat Adams Bicentennial Park to support a local fundraiser, The Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Each performed their routine prior to the start of the walk and then crowded around the starting line in support of participants.

“This is our second year dancing at the walk. We like to come and support different fundraisers and events that are a good cause to the community,” April Albert, dance team head coach, said.

Six hundred and fifty participants along with ninety-three teams registered for Quincy’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s. After the ceremonial release of purple balloons, a lap was taken around the park. In previous years the walk was 2 miles long, however it was shortened this year due to road closures caused by recent flooding.

Those who raised money were eligible for different prizes depending on how much money they brought in. Those who raised at least one-hundred dollars were given an Alzheimer’s Walk T-shirt. The levels continued to increase until the $10,000 level where participants earned with either Bose Soundlink Headphones or an Adventure Wagon.

There were several local and national teams that participated in the event. Local businesses include Adams Fiber, Knapheide Manufacturing and Kohl Wholesale.

QU student, Abby Carpenter, joined the walk through her internship with Kohl Wholesale and feels that is is an important event.

“The biggest reason I’m really here is because my grandpa has Alzheimer’s at the moment and you know he has he good days and his bad days but his bad is starting to happen more frequently so it’s something I kind of hold pretty close to me,” Carpenter said.

Once registered, participants were then sent to pick out a flower pinwheel. There were four different color options, each with a specific meaning. Yellow represents someone who is currently supporting or caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. Orange is for everyone who supports the cause and vision of a world without Alzheimer’s. Purple is for someone who has lost a loved one to the disease. Lastly, blue represents someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Quincy student Fallon Myers explained her reason for accepting a purple.

“My grandpa turned to my dad and was like ‘who is she’ you know and that really hit home and it was really hard,” Myers explained when asked why she was attending the walk.

Markers were set aside for walkers to write on the flowers, names of loved ones if they wished to do so. All along Clat Adams Park the pinwheels were placed in the ground to represent those suffering with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The walk was a big event for the town of Quincy, Illinois as Mayor Kyle Moore was present. He expressed how grateful he was people were taking time out of their schedules to participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

The four different colors of flowers could be seen all throughout the event as participants proudly walked and placed them throughout the park. One color not seen is the white flower which will signify the end of Alzheimer’s disease.The Alzheimer’s Association hopes to soon replace all flowers with white flowers when a cure is found.  


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