Rosie’s Resistance: A Campus Club Most Students don’t know about

By Alexa Low

Quincy University student Emily Ahrens is a member of a little known club on campus.

Rosie’s Resistance is an active club that promotes female empowerment and gender disparity on Quincy’s campus.

“I wanted to be a part of this group because it is a really empowering experience with people who are there to lift you up and view you as a true equal. I am a devoted feminist, and I want to surround myself with people who share my feelings. Women are demanding the respect we have always deserved, and this group is a safe place for me to bring up issues I’m passionate about and bounce opinions off other members. It is so interesting to hear everyone’s unique ideas about feminism,” Ahrens said.

Members became a group last March, recognized as Women’s History Month. President Maddi Donahue recognized that there were quite a few feminists on campus but there was no group for them to voice their opinions. She took the initiative to start the group and they now have between 10-20 members and meet about every two weeks.

Their first project on campus was the “We Can Do it” campaign where they encouraged female students to come take a picture dressed as Rosie the Riveter.

Rosie was a cultural icon of World War II. She represented the women who played a very important role during that time, working in factories and shipyards. She just may be the most iconic image of working women.

“We wanted every woman to be her own Rosie because we should all be a source of empowerment for ourselves and one another,” Vice President Madeline Finney explained.

Members worry the word feminist might turn potential members away, but they encourage students not to overlook their posters and stop by for a meeting to see what they are all about. 

The meetings touch on topics such as why the group exists, why feminism is important and then they brainstorm ways to empower women on campus.

“We have to raise enough awareness on this campus to make change because in my opinion this is a more conservative campus so these are issues that are not really brought to the table that much,” Finney said.

They are their own group but are working with the multicultural club and trying to work with the Black Student Union.

In the future, the club plans to put on a “walk in her shoes event” where students can experience things that women are go through on a daily basis. Examples include African women having to walk miles down the road to get water for their family and other basic necessities.

They also plan to do a Quanada donation this spring. Quanada is a domestic violence  shelter located in downtown Quincy, Illinois. Rosie’s Resistance will be asking students to donate toiletries, feminine hygiene products and other items that could be useful.

Rosie’s Resistance highly encourages new members to join. There are currently no men in the club but they say men are absolutely welcome as the group members are aware men can understand some oppression of gender stereotypes. Students can find out more about the time and place of club meetings by looking for their posted flyers or emailing either Madeline Finney at or Maddi Donahue at

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