Scholarship now being awarded for Victor E. Hawk

By Alexa Low

Quincy University Athletics is looking for two students to fill the mascot position for this school year.

Students who accept the mascot position will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship each. Although athletics would prefer to have two students, a full $4,000 can be awarded to one student who is willing to attend all events.

The school mascot, Victor E. Hawk, is one of the main representatives of the school and the athletic program. Students must be flexible and be willing to schedule their lives around school events.

“What if we turned it into a part time job for someone on campus to where that’s what they do and it’s consistent. We’re going to get the same efficiency every time from the same person or people and they kind of take some pride in it,” Katie Awerkamp, assistant athletic director of external operations, said.

It’s not the average campus job as applicants must be able to attend all home football and basketball games along with some baseball, softball, soccer and volleyball.

QU athletics understands that games are frequently played on weekdays and over holiday breaks. Having two hawks would allow the students to not have to work games all week and every break.

Besides sporting events, The Hawk is required to attend the Mart Heinen Golf Outing, QU Annual Fund Drive, admission events and Discovery Days.

“Scrambling for a Hawk last year was a hard task for all of us… we really want to find someone that can fit the position for the year,” Awerkamp explained.

This scholarship opportunity is brand new.  Last year The Hawk was not paid. Athletics found it hard to keep one person in the position, so many different students wore the costume.

This year the athletic office ordered two new mascot costumes so each student would get their own costume to use for the year.

It is a tradition among some university’s for the mascot’s identity to be kept a secret from the student body. This tradition came along because the mascot represents more than the student wearing the costume. Keeping the identity a secret is almost as though the mascot has an identity of its own.

“If we did find someone that wanted to take this seriously, I would love to keep it a secret,” Awerkamp said.

Whether the identity or identities of Victor E. Hawk is known around campus will be decided by those who apply for the scholarship.

At this point, the full amount of money will still be awarded even though football season is almost over. However, the athletic department wants the position to be filled before the start of basketball season in November.

Updates on the Mascot position can be found on the quhawks instagram page and fliers will be posted on campus.

Students interested should contact the athletic office at or call (415)361-3959. So far only two students have reached out however neither have accepted the position. The sooner students apply, the more money they receive as the scholarship money may lessen as the season progresses without a mascot.


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