Finding Fall Fun in Quincy

By: Taylor King

Around this time of year, QU students always have trouble finding fall things do to around Quincy. Whether it is a pumpkin patch, a haunted house or an apple orchard. But for students it’s not only just finding things to do it is also the timing does not fit into their schedules and not too many things are open on Sundays or not open long enough for students to get out there.

In Quincy, there are fun fall places to go to with friends but they aren’t advertised as much as they should be. Quincy residents know about these places but the college students of QU have to go out on an adventure to find these places.

As far as pumpkin patches go, there is one about five miles from Quincy University’s campus. The Mill Creek Farm has a pumpkin patch and a corn maze. The pumpkins are at a cheap price, friendly for college students as well. Also, adding a corn maze to the mix is a fun activity to do as well.

“I seriously had no idea that this even existed, but I am glad I know now so my roommates and I can go together and get pumpkins for our room,” Kaeley Mueller says.

The next stop to check out is a drive but totally worth it. The Haunted House on Hill Street and the Hannibal Haunted Ghost Tours are ones to go to if you would like a scare. There is also some history added to the haunted attractions that bring people back every year.

“This makes me really excited to go out to a new place and I have finally found a haunted attraction around this area that I can go to. But I do wish that there was a more haunted house where I can be chased around and scared more,” Sarah Blair said.

A final stop for the fall attractions is an apple orchard in Quincy. Edgewood Orchards is the perfect place to go on a Sunday afternoon with friends. There are apples to pick, homemade apple butter, apple cider and even apple cider slushies.

“My professor told me about the Edgewood Orchard and I figured I had to go if it was a must for the fall. I can’t wait to try the apple cider slushies,” Emma Lynch says.

For students, this is also a good tool and resource to just get away from campus for a bit and take their minds off of school to relax and do fun activities with roommates and friends. Fall is a great time to be outside to enjoy the weather before winter hits, going to these Quincy fall attractions is a great way to unwind.

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